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SYFY Channel -

For the 10th Anniversary of Syfy Spain, we created a projection mapping event with two perpendicular big screens with quadraphonic sound enveloping the audience.

It was a futuristic journey through the best series of the channel, where selected key elements from each series were used to build the narrative.

Art direction and Graphic Design: Valeria Prada 

A production of Klang! and Lighting Design Collective 

Direction by Wyz Borrero 
Creative Direction: Wyz Borrero and Lighting Design Collective
3D Modeling and Animation: Klang! 
Technical Direction: Lighting Design Collective |
Music and Sound Design: Wyz Borrero and Miguel Noya
Mapping assistants: Marta Verde and Héctor Lopez
Executive Production:  Lighting Design Collective
Agency: Fluor /


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